Zafferano Tableware

Zafferano Tableware is established in 2001 by Venetian designer Federico de Majo, with the aim of creating an Italian brand to accompany and bring out the best of those talents thanks to which our country has become famous all over the world: design, wine production and haute cuisine.

Creativity, design culture and deep knowledge of materials: each products is born from the blending of passion and experience accumulated over the years by Federico de Majo, working with master glassblowers.

The proposal of the brand is based on a combination of artistic taste, research into new shapes, and careful attention to details and the choice of materials. The result is a wide, lively and consistent range that allows a choice of objects to best suit the customer’s personality and style of hospitality, also allowing them to be matched in a creative and original way.

The charm of ancient glassmaking techniques

Wine-tasting glasses and colourful tumblers by Zafferano, including, in particular, the Perle line, are now among the protagonists in the Italian and international world of haute cuisine.
The fact that Zafferano collections are chosen also by the most famous Michelin-starred chefs, confirms acknowledgement of the high quality of skilled craftsmanship and original design.

zafferano tableware

Zafferano glasses:
an innovative wine-tasting experience

The choice of materials, the functionality, the study of shape – refined and technical at the same time: all these elements, witnessing the attention paid to design and product research characterizes the wine tasting glasses by Zafferano.
In his search for excellence, Federico de Majo’s challenge is to push the boundaries of the quality of glassmaking, applied to the technique of tasting.
Indeed, the collection “Esperienze”, characterised by the ripples at the bottom of the glass, have changed wine-tasting experiences. The Ultralight collection of lightweight, nimble glasses are destined to leave a mark in the evolution of the world of wine-tasting.

calici esperienze zafferano

Civita Castellana:
a historic Italian production

Creativity and an innovative spirit are in the brand’s DNA. In the search for new production techniques and solutions, Zafferano has identified in the village of Civita Castellana, near Rome, a precious wealth of knowledge and a common approach that has allowed to establish an intense collaboration.
Here, the art of ceramics has been practiced since the 10th century BC, applying craft techniques to contemporary production, without losing sight of the beauty and simplicity that make an object unique and “timeless”.
In Civita Castellana, Zafferano has discovered a factory, preserving ancient traditional craftsmanship, which – like Zafferano – skilfully applies ancient artisan techniques to its contemporary production while retaining the beauty and simplicity that make an object unique and timeless.
This shared vision has encouraged Federico de Majo to acquire a percentage of the company’s shares and begin a partnership with this factory, which has a surface area of about 6,500 square metres and is equipped with modern production lines that ensure high standards of quality.
As a result, Zafferano can rely on the manufacturing of exclusive Made in Italy products, hand-decorated according to its designs.

ceramiche civita castellana