The Pàtera collection, designed by Federico de Majo, is made and hand-painted in Italy, in dishwasher-safe and microwave-resistant stoneware. It consists of three bowls - ideal for aperitifs, traditional or fusion soups, salads and icecream - and rice serving dish, which can also be used to individually serve a main course. The thickness of the stoneware maintains the food temperature for longer. The items are available in six shades of colour: pink, beige, blue, ochre, yellow and green. New and intense, these colours are inspired by the shades of the Mediterranean landscape. The bowls are available in two versions: entirely painted in solid colour or coloured on the outside and white on the inside. They feature a small coloured circle on the bottom which recalls the distinctive element of the Bilia, Petoni and Party collections, allowing for countless mix and match combinations. The rice serving dish is only available in the blue and brown solid-colour versions. Any apparent imperfections are distinctive features which attest the quality and the exclusivity of the hand-decorated object.